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Secondary Seal Plus

SSL™ Plus: The next generation of secondary seal technology.

Krehalon SSL™ Plus technology reduces confinement odour and introduces fat adhesion properties. This improves blood drip control and enhances product presentation of vacuum-packed meats over extended shelf life, which are the main cause of complaints for supermarkets, especially on export meats such as beef and lamb. 

How does SSL™ Plus work?

SSL™ Plus uses special sealant materials to allow the inner packaging layers to fuse together through the normal production processes of vacuum packing and hot water shrinkage.

Blood movement in the bag is restricted with SSL Plus (right) compared to standard bags (left)

Blood movement in the bag is restricted with SSL Plus (right) compared to standard bags (left)

Proof is in the packing

Krehalon commissioned a study to prove odour reduction and shelf-life benefits of SSL™ Plus. Testing was carried out on 700 lamb legs packed in Krehalon’s SSL™ Plus packs in order to determine potential shelf life extension, blood drip loss and confinement odour reduction benefits over standard sealing shrink bags.

The results from the study showed, compared to a standard bag, SSL™ Plus packs:

  • Had reduced blood seepage after 28 days
  • Controlled blood movement to cut meat surface area
  • Limited blood in bag ears due to Secondary Seal
  • Had no blood movement across the fat surface
  • Odour reduction (strong meat and aged blood)

This study proved that there are higher levels of bacteria in the meat blood compared to the meat surface, due to more nutrients being readily available in the blood for growth. As such, it is believed that by controlling blood movements within the pack, SSL Plus is able to reduce overall bacteria counts and delay meat spoilage.

Features and benefits:

  • Odour reduction
  • Improved pack presentation
  • Extended shelf life 
  • Thinner but stronger - SSL™ Plus offers higher puncture resistance, allowing the use of thinner materials

Want to find out more about SSL™ Plus?

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