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Quality and Certifications

Consistency of product quality is our highest priority

In order to ensure consistent product quality of our materials and to help us meet changing customer requirements, Krehalon’s manufacturing facilities operate a sophisticated management system which incorporates the following sub-sytems:

  • Quality system which ensures that products and services meet the ISO9001 quality standards. 
  • Hygiene system ensuring that our products are produced under hygienic conditions and meet all international requirements for food approval including BRC Packaging standards.
  • Environmental system which ensures that we operate by complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations within our industry whilst at the same time remain active in contributing to a better environment meeting ISO14001.

Krehalon’s New and Existing Product Development strategies aim to reduce material thickness and, respectively, the volume and weight of packaging, without compromising the excellent barrier properties and strength of the produced materials. In this way, we constantly strive to minimise product impact on the environment.