Krehalon: Advanced Engineering Polymers for High Barrier Shrink Films

Product range: USA - Preferred language: English

Part of the Kureha Group


Fully integrated manufacturing process

By using advanced engineering polymers, Krehalon are able to extrude high barrier shrink films for a variety of end user applications. Krehalon Europe is fully equipped to produce the full range of Krehalon products from co-extrusion of multi layer materials through printing and final conversion of the finished products. Our extrusion facilities run 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round. Within our Converting Department, the extruded semi-finished materials are turned into finished bags and casings using applicable slitting, unfolding or shirring equipment.

We produce shrink bags by heat seal, trimmed seal or impulse seal. These bags can be produced on tape, butcher packed, regular loose in a carton or on a perforated roll. Our shirring machines allow for casing materials to be made into sticks for use on automated filling equipment, mainly for the meat industry. In addition, our specialized ring shaping process converts straight casing material into curved which is then used to produce ring shaped sausages.

Timely Logistics

Krehalon relies on a network of warehousing sites and contracted shipping and delivery partners for efficiency and flexibility to provide a high level of service. Whether locally servicing or globally sourcing from our offshore plants, we rely on a disciplined system of forecasting, planning and material movements to reliably meet our customer’s ever changing needs. All Krehalon finished and semi-finished products as well as all purchased raw materials are stored under controlled conditions to ensure maximum quality and safety.