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Bespoke Printing

High Quality 10-colour Print Capability

Our printing department is equipped with a 10-colour flexographic printing press suitable for all types of our in-house developed materials. Combining modern pre-press quality control management, we guarantee high quality printing and innovative ideas.

Fully automated

Our fully automated printing press can print up to ten colours on one or both sides. The computerized camera systems constantly monitor the printing process by ensuring that the print is kept precisely in register. Our own plate making equipment gives us full control over each step of the printing process allowing optimal flexibility and speed of the production process. Krehalon use the latest flexographic printing technology. Thanks to a state-of-the-art technology, the press can handle high-quality screen work just as easy as simple line print. We work closely with our ink suppliers to ensure that customer logos and illustrations printed on our packaging materials are of the highest possible quality. All of which means that Krehalon could guarantee a perfect result every time. All the colours are made in-house by using our modern ink-mix-and-dosing system. All ink recipes are digitally stored and could be reproduced accurately in case required to facilitate repeat orders. Krehalon uses inks that have been specially developed to allow print on food packaging materials.

Graphic design & Pre-press  

Design and further development of the print images happens at our pre-press department through close collaboration with our customers and/or consultation with advertising agencies. Using a fully digitalised Computer-to-Plate (CTP) process, the clichés are then made from polymer plates and mounted onto the cylinders ready for the printing presses. As a result, we have control over the whole chain from design and layout to the processing of the printed product allowing us to perform at very short notice, react flexibly and deliver the highest quality of printed food packaging materials. That is why partnering with Krehalon is proven to deliver sustainable long term commercial gains.