Krehalon's Innovation Capabilities: Food Packaging Solutions

Product range: USA - Preferred language: English

Part of the Kureha Group


Innovation capabilities

Building on the technical knowledge and innovation capability acquired since the founding of our parent company Kureha in 1944, Krehalon has always aspired to operate at the forefront of food packaging innovation. We constantly strive to extract unexplored growth potential from our existing business by extending our existing packaging technologies to new applications, creating new products that satisfy unmet customer needs and by constantly challenging efficiency of traditional food packing methods through offering automated packing solutions.

Research & Development

R&D is the foundation of Kureha’s status as a technology development company whose R&D expenditures consistently rank amongst the highest in the industry. Following our parent’s spirit of: “if it doesn’t exist, let’s create it”, Krehalon constantly pursue research and development that generates next-generation value.

We have specialist Development & Application (D&A) teams available to develop films for tailor made packaging solutions. We use modern laboratory testing facilities in both Japan and Holland as well as expansive array of equipment for testing transmission and migration rates, film structures, haze, gloss and all the common film test requirements.