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Technical support

With over 40 years’ experience in the food packaging industry, Krehalon have built a team of experts that support our distributors and direct customers across the world. Our specialist engineers have extensive knowledge of packaging machines and film technology to help you achieve the most efficient and consistent output. We have specialist Development & Application (D&A) teams available to develop films for tailor made packaging solutions.

We use modern laboratory testing facilities in both Japan and Holland as well as expansive array of equipment for testing transmission and migration rates, film structures, haze, gloss and all the common film test requirements. We have all the resources available to us from our parent company Kureha Corporation including the use of advanced materials and polymer processing research laboratories that can support polymer design technologies to develop materials necessary for your bespoke applications. In addition, Krehalon can also utilise the food science laboratories to support research into food packaging benefits such as shelf life extension, bacteria and odour reduction, biodegradable materials and active packaging.