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Demonstration facilities

Krehalon’s dedicated demonstration facilities for patented Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR™), complimented with the support of our in-house design team and reactive print press options, help customers realise the potential and cost benefits of packaging automation. 

By reviewing your production facilities and current packaging systems, our experienced SBR team are able to assist you in calculating the cost savings, packing speed advantages and design benefits for your existing business. Whether it is a dedicated visit or an open day event focusing on specific issues or innovations, you have the amazing opportunity to explore our production facilities and learn more about our manufacturing processes.    

Krehalon understand the importance of removing industry knowledge barriers and allowing knowledge transfer between our industry experts and our customers. Our targeted product demonstrations are not only an ideal way for you to learn more about the latest food packaging industry trends but also an opportunity to share your individual challenges with us to help us build future products and strategies that answer your needs.