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Krehalon B.V. UK Branch is certified as a Carbon Neutral Business

Krehalon UK is certified as a Carbon Neutral Business

Krehalon B.V. UK Branch - Krehalon UK, has succeeded in offsetting 199.29 tons of carbon emissions via the Woodland Fund Portfolio™ of Carbon Neutral Britain™. This was achieved by measuring, calculating and carbon offsetting organisational carbon emissions within the scope 1, 2 and 3 Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions boundary over the last year.

The GHG protocol is the world’s most widely used greenhouse gas accounting standard. To summarise, scope 1 are direct emissions that are owned or controlled by a company. Scope 2 and 3 are indirect emissions that are a consequence of the activities of the company but occur from sources not owned or controlled by it (e.g. emissions caused generating the electricity used in the company or emissions from disposing of products from suppliers)1.

Krehalon UK offsets 199.29 tons of CO2 emissions

Tom Harkin, Group Procurement Manager non-core at Krehalon, commented: “It has been a fantastic team effort to collate the information required. Everyone supported this project, and we now have the perfect platform to monitor, measure and reduce our carbon emissions for the UK branch even further in the future”.

This certification emphasises the dedication the company has to contribute to reducing its carbon footprint. Almost one year ago, Krehalon UK joined Oh Yes! Net Zero to play its part in improving Hull and the Humber region to become a leader to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

Andrew Thompson reflects: “Krehalon UK has been ramping up its sustainable efforts for a number of years now. Our company ethos is to contribute to a more sustainable world especially when we are fully aware that our product is plastic packaging. The recent launch of our KreCycle™ Brand demonstrates this commitment, offering packaging films that are fully mechanical recyclable without compromising shelf life and seal performance.

Our purpose-built factory in Hull was designed to be as energy efficient as possible with 600 solar panels installed on the warehouse roof. These produce an average of 55,378 kilowatt hours per year, enabling the company to run 25% of its production line through solar energy. The company has also installed electric charging points for employees who drive hybrid cars and is currently planning to switch all company vehicles to full electric or efficient hybrids in the future. And, like many other companies, recycling is also high on Krehalon’s green agenda, as the company collaborates with local waste management suppliers to ensure that baled plastic waste is given another purpose where possible. Between 85 and 90 tonnes of baled plastic waste are removed from the site each year, with collections now taking place in 15-tonne instalments rather than every week.

Andrew Thompson concludes: “Krehalon UK shall continue to invest time and expertise into our sustainability efforts”.

1 Explanation taken from: What are scope 1, 2 and 3 carbon emissions? | National Grid Group

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