Krehalon Sustainability | Performance Without Compromise

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Our Circular Economy Goals

Sustainability without compromising performance.

As a leading global food packaging manufacturer, our core purpose is to preserve the quality of fresh foods whilst maximising their shelf life and appeal. We use world-class polymer science and engineering expertise to tailor our packaging structures to match customer requirements for sealability, formability and strength of materials, extended shelf life, attractive product presentation and all-time-high food safety and hygiene controls.

Simplifying multilayer structures without sparing vital functionalities is therefore not an easy task, but one that will increase the chance of our materials to be further processed by the supply chain and successfully carried through onto their next product cycle.

As such, our ultimate goal is to provide a product featuring exceptional environmental efficiency with little or no compromise on performance. A product range which, in its creation, has left no indelible mark on the Planet and sits comfortably within a focused, closed-loop system.

We strive to do more with less, through hard work and joined-up thinking.

Kureha’s culture of continuous innovation and differentiation has helped us succeed in developing new material structures that are “thinner but stronger”, reducing the consumption of plastics while meeting all the functionality needed by our customers and more!

We strongly believe that great packaging solutions can be developed with less resource, at minimum cost to our Planet. But in order to demand less of the environment, we commit to asking more of ourselves – to challenge thinking, pursue smarter utilisation of resource and continue to invest in research and development to accelerate the creation of a more circular economy for plastics. 

Along the way, we hope for close industry cooperation that doesn’t tolerate ‘we’ve done our bit’ attitude. Supply chain collaboration that helps co-ordinate the introduction and development of new sustainable packaging materials with the deployment of corresponding after-use systems and infrastructure. Thus, ensuring positive impact at scale. 

Striving to do more with less - Formshrink lighter but stronger.

Let’s talk facts. Not perceptions.

In time of rapid change within the plastics industry, we understand the importance of sharing knowledge and keeping an attentive and observant mind to broaden our understanding of issues and challenges faced by the supply chain – from resin producers through to brand owners, consumers and recyclers.

We aspire to be Positive Plastic Advocates that educate about the value and benefits of responsible plastic use and promote a culture of trust, accountability and transparency. 

We aim to inspire meaningful and knowledgeable discussions of problematic areas; reward curiosity and forward-thinking and encourage decision-making based on substantiated evidence and not misguided perceptions.