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MU/MX high abuse barrier shrink bags

ML40-MU (90 micron) and ML40-MX (110 micron) bags are multilayer barrier shrink bags specially designed using innovative proprietary technology to suit your most demanding high abuse applications such as large hard cooked meats or bone-in applications. 

The patented structure of these materials uses unique combination of gas and moisture barrier with superior strength, high clarity and excellent sealability to run on various vacuum packing systems.

ML40-MU and MX bags are available clear.

Features and benefits:

  • Excellent overlap and sealability
  • High Strength
  • Clarity and Gloss
  • Cost reduction
  • Environmentally friendly

For full details, please download our ML40 brochure below or contact your local Krehalon representative.

Bespoke Printing

Our printing department is equipped with a 10-colour flexographic printing press suitable for all types of our in-house developed materials. Combining modern pre-press system technology with years of experience and advanced quality control management, we guarantee high quality printing and innovative ideas.

Supporting documents

Krehalon ML40 brochure (English)

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