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KreTop™ & KreForm™

Flexible thermoforming films

KreTop™ and KreForm™ are multilayer, barrier flexible films suitable for most vacuum and gas flush thermoforming applications, including fresh and processed meats, poultry, cheese, fish and part-baked bread. Dependent on application, we can offer medium barrier (PA/PE structure) or high barrier (PA/EVOH/PE) film structures. 

The superior formability of our thermoforming films helps achieve consistent pack corner thickness, maintaining high pack strength and barrier properties. 

Features and benefits:

  • Easy formability
  • Excellent machinability
  • High clarity
  • Suitable for shallow, medium, deep and extreme forming
  • Suitable for standard, steam cookable and long life (high barrier) applications
  • Available clear or tinted
  • Available with peel or lock seal
  • Supplied with or without antifog
  • Available with up to 8 colour flexographic print

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