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Vacuum & gas flush pouches

Krehalon offer a wide range of barrier vacuum pouches and gas flush bags that are perfect for all meat, cheese, poultry, fish and other life extension barrier applications. 

Conversion within the Krehalon Group offers flexibility, quality assurance and security of supply. 

Features and benefits: 

  • PE/PA/PE or PA/PE structure options
  • PA/EVOH/PE structure option for high barrier long shelf life applications
  • Bulk gas flush bags for CVP® or vacuum/gas chamber machines
  • Pasteurisable or steam cooking (sous vide up to 121°C) applications
  • Seal formats: 2-seal, 3-seal or bottom seal formats
  • Print options: In line logo or up to 8 colour flexographic printing
  • Tinted film options, blue as standard or other colours on request
  • Bag conversion: loose, taped or bag on roll

Specialty options:

  • Modified sealing for high contamination applications
  • Excellent odour/aroma barrier
  • High abuse boneguard protection
  • Gusseted options available

Please contact your local representative for further information on product availability and specifications.