KrePet™ Semi-Rigid APET Barrier Films | Vacuum and MAP Applications

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Semi-rigid films

KrePet™ are semi-rigid APET barrier films suitable for vacuum and MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) applications. KrePet™ semi-rigid films can be used on Form Fill Seal (FFS) or thermoforming (deep drawing) machines.

The amorphous polyester structure of these films makes them an excellent moisture and aroma barrier and contributes to their clarity, easy thermoformability and excellent rigidity. 

KrePet™ films structure makes them suitable for medium barrier gas flush applications. However, we are able to combine this structure with more complex barrier polymers that can extend shelf life even further to suit your needs. 

Please check product availability and specifications below or contact your local representative for further information.

Product Availability & Specifications

Dependant on application, we can offer:

  • Mono APET (in conjunction with our special lidding films) 
  • rPET/PE (with a % of recyclate in the inner layer)
  • Multilayer PET with EVOH and PE

You can also choose films with the following properties:

  • Easy peel 
  • Coloured
  • Secondary seal
  • Skin pack

Dependent on application, Krehalon’s semi-rigid APET barrier films can be supplied in different widths and thicknesses as well as in a range of pigmented colours. Antifog, corona treatment and sealing through contamination properties are available. All films can be flexographically printed in up to 8 colours.

Please contact your local sales representative to find out what film specifications suit your application best.