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KreLid™ & KreFlow™

Laminated films

Krehalon offer a wide range of laminated films to the food market sector. 

Our laminate products are supplied on the reel, printed or unprinted, and could be used for a variety of applications. 

Our experienced technical team is able to advise on what material structure suits your needs best. 


  • Tailor-made film solutions dependent on customer requirements
  • Wide range of barrier levels to meet all shelf life applications
  • Available in a variety of thicknesses
  • Wide range of sealing options
  • Reverse print for a high gloss appearance
  • Environmentally friendly (chlorine free)

Circular Economy Applications

This product category has made positive progress towards the development of a more circular approach to packaging. The award-winning KreLid™ Mono films are a step change in improving packaging recyclability and sustainability.

KreLid™ Mono Films

This range of speciality lidding films uses advanced sealing technology to enable the removal of a PE sealant layer and achieve a strong seal to a fully recyclable Mono-APET tray or base web.

The KreLid™ Mono films offer superior environmental benefits without compromising seal strength, food safety, pack integrity and product shelf life. The materials are suitable for a range of applications including minced meat, cheese and bacon.

The KreLid™ Mono films are available with a range of seal options:

  • KreLid™ Mono Lock: Advanced sealing technology matching seal strength of PE-to-PE bonds.
  • KreLid™ Mono Peel: Advanced sealing technology with ‘burst peel’ properties.
  • KreLid™ Mono Reclose: Advanced sealing technology enabling multiple clean and consistent pack openings.

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Product Availability & Specifications


KreLid™ films are used in lidding (tray sealing) applications. These laminate films can weld or peel seal to PP, Mono APET, APET/PE, PVC/PE and smooth wall aluminium (ALU) trays. KreLid™ films can be reverse printed up to 8 colours flexographic or gravure to increase corporate branding and enhance product shelf impact. 


KreFlow™ films have been developed to use in horizontal or vertical form fill seal (HFFS/VFFS) applications. Common materials used in these laminates are PET, PE, OPA, BOPP. KreFlow™ materials can be printed up to 8 colours flexographic or gravure, subject to design. 

Our experienced technical team is able to advise on what material structure suits your needs best. Please contact your local representative for further information.