KreGuard™ Boneguard Wax Cloths

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Boneguard packaging

Krehalon offers boneguard wax cloths for vacuum packing of meat with sharp bones.

KreGuard™ has been specially designed to prevent bone-in meat products from piercing the packaging during vacuum packing, transportation, storage and handling. The KreGuard™ sleeve covers the whole bone-in joint and shrinks with the outer bag providing stronger protection where it is needed, reducing the overall weight whilst increasing pack clarity and presentation.

Our boneguard products help manufacturers to avoid loss of vacuum during packing and achieve a tight pack presentation with maximum protection from leakers. We can offer a range of boneguard cloth constructions dependent on application. 

Features and benefits

  • Up to 74% reduction in leakers – reduced repacks
  • Cost reduction – labour and material
  • 20% increase in packaging output
  • Significant weight saving per pack
  • No voiding
  • 3 grade options for maximum performance

Please contact your local sales representative for further information on product specifications and availability.