Krehalon Formshrink® M-Type Films for High Barrier Thermoforming

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FS-M barrier films

Formshrink® M-type films are high barrier thermoformable heat shrinkable films suitable for various food applications.

Krehalon Formshrink® films have been specially developed to pack uniformly shaped products using innovative proprietary thermoforming technology. Their unique structure enables excellent forming, sealing and machinability. The barrier, high shrink and special optical properties of these materials brings maximum protection as well as glass-like, clear presentation to all of your products.

Selection of the correct combination of films is vital for optimum pack performance. The high shrink top web FS50 is used in combination with the thermoformable base web FS90. Each type of Formshrink® film is available in various grades, colours and thicknesses. If unsure what suits your application best, please contact one of our industry experts today.

Features and benefits:

  • Perfect skin-tight pack presentation
  • Less costs, less waste
  • High productivity
  • Great seal integrity to minimise contamination
  • Extended shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly (chlorine-free)
  • Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR™) option

For full details, please download our Formshrink® brochure or contact your local Krehalon representative.

Bespoke Printing

Our printing department is equipped with a 10-colour flexographic printing press suitable for all types of our in-house developed materials. Combining modern pre-press system technology with years of experience and advanced quality control management, we guarantee high quality printing and innovative ideas.

Shrink Bag Replacement Automation (SBR™)

SBR™ (Shrink Bag Replacement) systems offer benefits of cost reduction and pack differentiation by challenging the traditional packaging methods and operational efficiencies through automated packaging solutions.

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Supporting documents

Krehalon Formshrink® brochure (English)


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Krehalon CHEESE Formshrink brochure (English)