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Formshrink®: Where innovation meets sustainability and efficiency

We will be participating in the IPPE 2024!

Mr. R. Kesteloo, will be on-site to provide you with valuable insights into our innovative packaging solutions for the fresh food industry.

For more information or to schedule a meeting with us at the expo, please don't hesitate to reach out to Mr. Kesteloo at . We look forward to connecting with you at IPPE 2024 and exploring how our packaging solutions can benefit your business.

Have a look at our FormShrink product range!

Formshrink®: Extend shelf life, cut labor costs, boost efficiency

Formshrink® films are high barrier thermoformable heat shrinkable films suitable for various food applications.

Krehalon Formshrink® films have been specially developed to pack uniformly shaped products using innovative proprietary thermoforming technology. Their unique structure enables excellent forming, sealing and machinability. The barrier, high shrink and special optical properties of these materials brings maximum protection as well as glass-like, clear presentation to all of your products.

Selection of the correct combination of films is vital for optimum pack performance. The high shrink top web FS50 is used in combination with the thermoformable base web FS90. Each type of Formshrink® film is available in various grades, colours and thicknesses. 

For full details, please download our Formshrink® brochure or please contact:

We also offer an extensive range of Formshrink packaging for applications other than poultry.

Feel free to take a look at our markets.

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