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What is your price for good Service?

Numerous companies can supply a product to wrap a meat joint, processed meat, or a block of cheese. The price for the product will vary depending on the provider; some might even supply a quality product at an attractive price. However, is the unit cost of the packaging really the deciding factor? We, at Krehalon, challenge this view. Placing an order based on the financial cost per pack is over simplistic in today’s world.

Krehalon believe in providing a quality product and delivering top quality service. This is more complex to achieve in the current climate. Unique challenges are facing the fresh food packaging industry; HGV driver shortages, freight delays, new Customs’ paperwork regulations, raw material shortages not to mention increasing energy prices and the growing pressure for sustainable packaging solutions and improving the circular economy of the plastic life cycle. In addition, from April 2022, the UK government are introducing the UK Plastics Tax on plastic packaging containing less than 30% recycled content.

This, we’re sure you know already.

But! How much do you know about Krehalon and the extra value we bring with our dedication to provide top quality service to our customers?

We provide technically backed up advice and guidance, so customers purchase the correct product for their application. 

Our experienced Sales and Purchasing teams, with decades of technical knowledge of both the fresh protein industry and our product portfolio, can explain the intricacies that need to be considered when purchasing food packaging.

We offer customers with an intent to purchase free trials to test a product to ensure that product is commercially viable.

With the increasing focus on new, sustainable packaging options, it is sometimes necessary to check that the theory works in practice. To this end, Krehalon offers trials to test a number of factors to ensure and reassure the proof of concept for customers expressing an intent to purchase, assuming the trials are successful.

We meet delivery expectations - consistently

Our experienced Procurement and Shipping team is knowledgeable of all the regulations and paperwork requirements to ensure no delays are caused from incomplete or incorrect documentation. 

We are easy to contact

Our lean organisation means you will quickly be connected to the correct person to speak to. Furthermore, we are open and transparent in our communication throughout the purchasing process from confirming product specifications, lead times and expected delivery dates. We are proactive in updating customers should there be a change in expectations.

All this in addition to having a portfolio that offers attractive packaging solutions that:

  • Are PVDC-free
  • Are recycle-ready according to the UK Plastics Pact and WRAP guidelines
  • Use less plastic; our products are often thinner than comparable competitor offerings and extend the product’s shelf life.
  • Extend a product’s shelf life, reducing the carbon footprint and product waste
  • Have less material waste: Excellent sealability resulting in less leakers, so less packaging and product waste.

If a printed pack is required, Krehalon also boasts a fully automated 10-colour flexographic printing press and offers bespoke printing designs that are stored digitally to facilitate efficiency in repeat orders. 

Contact our UK Sales team / 01482 865277 today to discover how we might best serve you. We are looking forward to hearing from you

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