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Open Up the Future with Secondary Seal (SSL™) Technology

In early May this year, leading meat-processing trade fair IFFA saw Krehalon hosting live demonstrations of a revolutionary Secondary Seal concept which attracted the eyes of meat packers from around the world who were looking for fresh, innovative ideas. This new packaging concept promises to completely reinvent the fresh meat packaging industry by creating numerous product differentiation opportunities for meat processors, helping them achieve sustainable long-term commercial gains.

Krehalon’s Secondary Seal products, traded under the name SSL™, use special sealant materials to allow the inner packaging layers to fuse together through the normal production processes of vacuum packing and hot water shrinkage. SSL™ products offer significant shelf life extension which makes them ideal for long-life fresh meat applications.

Switching to SSL™ materials can potentially lengthen the window of opportunity for fresh meat exports, giving meat processors greater sales flexibility and better negotiating position with buyers. The ability to pack earlier and preserve meat quality for longer will reduce the need for extended working hours in packing halls, resulting in less labour and overtime costs as well as easier management of peak demands during festive seasons such as Christmas and Easter. Retailers, on the other hand, can benefit from beautifully presented ‘skin tight’ packs with no post-shrink relaxation, reduced blood in the bag and minimised leakers. 

Extensive SSL™ trials are ongoing in key Fresh Meat markets in Europe, Australia, South America and Russia where some of the largest beef and pork producers have expressed strong interest in the SSL™ concept due to the blood yield advantages and significant shelf life extension benefits it offers over standard shrink products. Krehalon has already secured many key customer accounts as a result of the successful trials which are proving all the commercial benefits of SSL™

“We are excited and extremely pleased to see the level of interest from fresh meat packers in SSL™, not only the larger global meat producers but also the supermarkets. We believe this product will be the game changer in fresh meat packing that the industry has been looking for!” – comments Steven Hinchly, Sales and Marketing Director for Krehalon Europe. 

The secondary seal features are offered with the following Krehalon product groups – ML40-G/I for standard barrier applications, ML40-HB for high barrier applications as well as FLO21-VC, FLO21-HB and FS-M films, making SSL™ products perfect for Shrink Bag Replacement (SBR) automated packing solutions. 

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