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Krehalon marking the launch of a new educational campaign on plastics.

Krehalon is excited to announce the launch of a new educational campaign on plastics under the slogan ‘Plastics: Driving positive change through science’. The initiative will target knowledge gaps and public misconceptions related to the benefits and use of multilayer barrier plastic packaging for fresh foods.

The campaign will include a series of science-based content pieces aimed to help food manufacturers, retailers as well as consumers make evidence-based decisions and address questions around ‘what we know’ versus ‘what is believed’.

‘There is no denial that we face a serious issue of plastic pollution that needs our urgent attention and full commitment.

However, the increasing demonisation of plastics over the past years has not helped getting to a solution quicker. Quite the opposite – it has been counterproductive.

We’ve seen global organisations making bold sustainability statements and rushing to push out short-term solutions that are likely to do more harm than good in the long run.

The problem is plastic conversations have been very much emotion led and this has made it difficult for people to tell apart facts from perceptions.

Tapping into one’s emotions is important for influencing individual decision making, but evidence is what drives behaviour change at scale.

We believe it’s time to raise logic and decrease emotional reactivity in order to make well-balanced sustainability choices. This is the key objective for building this campaign as a knowledge bank and main driver for the slogan.’

– commented Petya Todorova, Marketing Leader Europe and Circular Economy Advocate for Krehalon.

Krehalon - driving positive change through science

Krehalon explained that their content will provide guidance on issues such as packaging weight reduction and downgauging, carbon footprint reduction, food waste prevention as well as share knowledge and guidance on sustainable material structures and preferred polymer choices for barrier fresh food packaging.

'People tend to underestimate the science behind packaging development. 

For example, there is lack of understanding of the chemistry and polymer engineering involved in tailoring packaging structures to meet requirements for sealability, formability and strength of the material, extended shelf life, attractive product presentation, food safety and hygiene. There is also lack of knowledge of how sustainability targets can affect packaging performance and vice versa. 

As scientists, industry experts, packaging professionals – we have a duty to make our research accessible to a lay audience. And there is a clear need out there to translate industry experience and knowledge into a meaningful advice and guidance to help make evidence-based decisions and to help incentivise behaviour change. 

Misconceptions among the general public can quickly become government policy and this is something we don’t want. Public engagement with plastic science is therefore vital and necessary.’ 

The new campaign follows closely Krehalon’s recently launched sustainability strategy and the company’s aspiration to be Positive Plastic Advocates that educate about the value and benefits of responsible plastic use and promote a culture of trust, accountability and transparency.

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