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Krehalon joins CEFLEX industry consortium to help develop circular economy solutions.

Krehalon is pleased to join CEFLEX – A Circular Economy for Flexible Packaging as an active stakeholder in the development of new, more circular approaches to flexible packaging. 

"As a leading global packaging manufacturer, optimising sustainability of our materials and design for recyclability principles are in the centre of our strategy.  

By joining organisations like CEFLEX, we have the great opportunity to work closely with representatives of the whole supply chain to develop a better after-use plastic economy. 

We strongly believe that power of such collaboration will accelerate the delivery of new, more circular approaches to packaging” 

– Petya Todorova, Marketing Leader Europe, Krehalon. 

CEFLEX is a collaborative initiative of a European consortium of companies and associations, representing the entire value chain of flexible packaging. 

The popularity of the initiative is increasing every day and has now reached an impressive number of 95 stakeholders

The CEFLEX Mission is to further enhance the performance of flexible packaging in the circular economy by advancing better system design solutions identified through the collaboration of companies representing the entire value chain – from resin producers through packaging manufacturers and converters, brand owners, retailers and recyclers. 

Ceflex - Circular economy

The CEFLEX Vision is that: 

  • By 2020 flexible packaging will have a comprehensive sustainability and circular economy roadmap for flexible packaging, including widely recognised design guidelines and a robust approach to measure, demonstrate and communicate the significant value flexible packaging adds to the circular economy. 
  • By 2025 there will be an established collection, sorting and reprocessing infrastructure/economy developed for post-consumer flexible packaging across Europe. This will be based on end of life technologies and processes which deliver the best economic, technical and environmental outcome for a circular economy. 

In an interview for Packaging Europe earlier this year, Graham Houlder – Project Co-ordinator for CEFLEX, shared: 

“We are aware that plastics are getting a lot of attention at the moment. Well, while the media storm is raging, parts of the industry are quietly working on solutions.”

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