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Automate, Integrate, Accelerate

As rising labour and production costs show no signs of abating and consumers and retailers resist price rises on shelf while demanding improved traceability, how can end-to-end automation help?

Krehalon’s European Sales & Marketing Director, Steven Hinchly, will explore some of the historical barriers and developing drivers for the adoption of automated packing systems in the primal fresh meat packing industry at a free Global Meat News webinar on the 7th February, 3pm CET.

The company will introduce its latest automated meat packing developments and highlight some impressive success stories to show the potential of these solutions to cut labour costs, improve production flow and hygiene, reduce packaging material use and pack leakers and, ultimately, drive down total pack costs.

Meanwhile, Denmark-based Frontmatec will join the programme to explore how overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) can help increase profitability and establish new frontiers in automation. 

In addition, Senior Research Engineer Ai-Ping Hu, of the Georgia Tech Research Institute, will present latest robotic trends on machine learning and how this can develop algorithms to teach robots how to cut, slice and dice meat as expertly as a master butcher.

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