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Processed Meat

Krehalon offer a range of innovative packaging solutions for various long-life processed meat applications. 

Our cooking range of bags and films are ideal for cook-and-strip or cook-and-ship applications and their superior shrink and optical properties help display your products to their best advantage whilst minimising product weight loss during cooking. Krehalon offer an internally treated material to generate protein and meat adhesion to the packaging during cooking process, minimising product weight loss during cooking and allowing the pack to be shipped in a high presentation state.

Krehalon’s Shrink Bag Replacement automation systems for the processed meat market could help you achieve maximum efficiency of the cooked meats or sausage packing process by reducing labour costs, material usage and pack rework. High volume uniform products such as sausages and cooked meats are perfect for Form Shrink automation. 

Krehalon pride themselves on an exceptional range of high-abuse packaging. We are able to offer unmatched in-built puncture protection for your most demanding high abuse processed meat applications (e.g. bone-in and hard cured meats). 

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