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Fresh Pizza

Krehalon offer various chlorine-free packaging materials for packing fresh pizza that enable a long shelf life. 

Pizza production is best served with automated packing solutions. Krehalon have two products that are ideal for pizza packaging; 

  • Flovac™ 
  • Formshrink® 

Flovac™ shrink barrier films are an ideal solution to use on flowwrapping equipment. Its effective use of gas extends shelf life to between 16 and 18 days .

Our patented Krehalon Formshrink® barrier films are the optimal solution to use on Form Shrink thermoforming equipment. This process extends shelf life of fresh pizza even further to between 18 and 21 daysThis is possible due to the controlled vacuum extraction in the machine, the possibility to gasflush and the hermetically-sealed pack.

For retail ready applications, we offer up to 10-colour flexographic printed films that enhance shelf appeal and make your products pitch-perfect when using a contour-cut that follows the rounding of the pizza. There is also an easy tear/easy open packaging option for consumer convenience. 

Completely PVDC-free films

Instead of the more commonly-used PVDC layer, Krehalon's packaging contains an EVOH layer, which is considered recyclable as it can be tolerated by mechanical recycling streams within certain percentages and can be handled by chemical recycling. 

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