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Fresh Meat

High barrier and secondary seal options that enhance product quality and extend shelf life.

Shrink bags and the traditional method of vacuum packing have been used in Fresh Red Meat packing since 1950s for two main reasons: shrink bags offer skin tight presentation and also help to keep blood or purge inside the meat whilst improving presentation of the packed product and eating quality.

Krehalon offer a range of packaging solutions for Fresh Red Meat applications including high barrier and secondary seal materials that are able to significantly extend shelf life and product quality allowing longer storage and transportation of meats. Such materials also offer odour reduction and significant cost savings for meat packers by achieving remarkable product weight gains through retaining blood and juices in the meat and in this way also enhancing consumer’s eating quality. 

Our Shrink Bag Replacement automated systems help you achieve maximum efficiency of the meat packing process by reducing labour costs, material usage and pack rework. Krehalon pride themselves on an exceptional range of high-abuse fresh meat packaging. We are able to offer unmatched in-built puncture protection for your most demanding high abuse applications (e.g. bone-in fresh meat products such as leg and rib portions). 

For retail ready applications, we also offer up to 10-colour flexographic printed shrink bags and films that enhance shelf appeal and make your products stand out!

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