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Krehalon offer a wide range of innovative packaging solutions for cheese.

Do you want your cheese to be optimally protected for ripening, storage and sale and still look really good? Then Krehalon can offer you an individual, patented solution for your product.

Close-fitting, attractive packaging without protrusions and, at the same time, extremely low use of plastic without compromising stability are the distinguishing features of Krehalon packaging. Our portfolio covers different barrier properties (no barrier to extremely high barrier) and suitable for all types of cheese (no gas formation to very high gas formation).

Our basic systems are:

  • Shrink bags
  • Tubular bag packaging with shrink
  • Formshrink®

Krehalon has a perfect packaging system for every application. We can help you to achieve the highest possible efficiency of the cheese packaging process by reducing labour costs, material usage and, depending on the application, the elimination of secondary packaging are our specialty. For this purpose, we have developed a special programme to compare the costs of different packaging and the complete processes tailored to your individual case.

Krehalon pride themselves on an exceptional range of high-abuse cheese packaging. We are able to offer unmatched in-built puncture protection for your most demanding high abuse cheese applications (e.g. hard cheeses such as Parmesan and Pecorino Romano).

For retail ready applications, we also offer up to 10-colour flexographic printed shrink bags and films that enhance shelf appeal and make your products stand out!

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