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Formshrink®: 80% packaging weight reduction + significantly increased shelf-life compared with a conventional packaging format.

‘Sustainability’ and ‘climate change’ have become even hotter topics in recent months as the developed world realises its impact on the environment and leaders meet at COP26 (the 26th UN Climate Change Conference) in Glasgow to agree coordinated action to tackle climate change. But how can we as an individual, or as a company, contribute to improving the situation?

Add to this the formidable challenges currently facing the food packaging industry: COVID-19, increased packaging costs, freight delays, together with labour shortages in some countries, and increasing energy costs, this is a time when all parties involved in the food supply chain need to reflect on their influence on the current situation, and ultimately their impact in the world.

As a leading global food packaging manufacturer, Krehalon’s core purpose is to preserve the quality of fresh foods whilst maximising their shelf life and appeal. That said, our ultimate goal is to do so by providing products featuring exceptional environmental efficiency with little or no compromise on performance. A product range which, in its creation, leaves no indelible mark on the Planet and sits comfortably within a focused, closed-loop system. 

One solution is our Formshrink® films as part of the Shrink Bag Replacement™ range. This is an automated solution using shrink barrier film technology and includes easy manual loading or integrated robotic ‘pick & place’ systems. The in-line vacuum sealing and cutting process of multiple pockets in one cycle allows high speed output. 

Formshrink® is the ideal solution to pack consistent and uniform-shaped, high-volume products such as poultry, cooked meats, and cheese. The video below is an example of Formshrink® packaging for whole chicken.

Less costs, less waste

For producers of high-volume products, there are multiple benefits of using Formshrink® including:

  • Significant material usage savings = less plastic
  • Clean, hermetically sealed packs = reduced pack leakers & attractive product presentation = less waste, more output

Furthermore, the efficient equipment design and product material sizing maximises the number of packs per m2 of Formshrink® film and reduces the number of operatives required on the production line.

Perfect pack presentation

The unique structure of Krehalon Formshrink® films enables excellent forming, sealing and machinability. Their controlled barrier, high shrink and special optical properties help bring protection as well as glasslike, clear presentation to all products. This is achieved by packing the products in a tight-fitting mould, tailored to their shape. The integrated shape cutting tool and excellent film shrink properties then contribute to the elimination of all excess material around the product and deliver superior pack presentation.

Examples of Krehalon Formshrink® products.

Extended shelf life

The high-barrier film, complimented with the superior vacuum capability of our thermoforming technology used in Formshrink® films, extends the shelf life of the packed product compared to conventional packed products, keeping all types of food fresher for longer. 

Contact your local Krehalon team to find out more about how Formshrink® can increase your production efficiency and improve your bottom line.

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